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Capital for Colleges and  Universities

Campus Capital is a specialized capital company that creates innovative funding for higher education institutions by collateralizing existing campus assets or new developmental assets to back tax-exempt or taxable municipal bonds.  Campus Capital sells to our proprietary network of institutional investors, creating the investment capital needed to fund your institution's projects. Our innovative model efficiently funds these projects, ensuring your financial sustainability by monetizing your most underutilized asset, REAL ESTATE! We turn campus assets into unrestricted capital, then donate the asset back to the institution over the first few years of the lease term, without requiring equity investment, change of management, or operations.

Campus Capital recognizes the difficult financial challenges facing colleges and universities.

Graduation Ceremony

Credit to fund new facilities

Graduation Ceremony

Declining enrollment

Graduation Ceremony

Cash to make curricular improvements

Graduation Ceremony

State budget/scholarship cuts

Graduation Ceremony

Inability to repair outdated facilities

Graduation Ceremony

Fierce student competition

Graduation Ceremony

Rising drop-out rates

The old tuition-based model has proven to be ineffective and outdated. Unprecedented challenges must be met by imaginative solutions.  Our unique asset monetization model is innovative because we become true strategic financial thought partners, providing the resources to: monetize existing assets; overcome existing debt restrictive covenants; collateralize individual assets (no blanket collateralization); and which do not require capital use restrictions.  Our model allows the institution to raise unrestricted capital to accomplish goals, like: funding a strategic plan, incorporating curriculum changes, creating competitive amenities, adopting new technologies, and building and modernizing  campus facilities. This creates a unique campus experience that prospective student pools highly value.

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